The ECMO Micro-Credential supports the clinical practice of healthcare professionals providing direct care to patients receiving ECMO therapy. Since ECMO is performed in a variety of urgent scenarios, care providers pursuing this micro-credential are not limited to any particular clinician, unit or setting. To be eligible, applicants must hold a current, unencumbered U.S. healthcare professional license.

Taking the Exam

The process of applying for and taking the ECMO Micro-Credential exam is streamlined to make it as easy as possible to pursue this professional achievement.

  • 1No application is necessary; purchase the exam from this webpage.

  • 2Detailed instructions are sent via email after completing your purchase.

  • 3Take the exam online at your convenience, and receive your results immediately after completing the exam.

  • 4Print your certificate of achievement from your AACN customer dashboard.

  • 5Send a verification letter to your employer through our online verification system to confirm that you’ve earned the ECMO Micro-Credential.

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Earning Your ECMO Micro-Credential

Applicants earn their ECMO Micro-Credential by successfully completing an exam that validates their knowledge of the care required for patients receiving ECMO therapy. The exam:

  • Includes items developed using validated, evidence-based sources on current ECMO practice (see bibliography in the ECMO Micro-Credential Exam Test Plan)
  • Has a 90-minute time limit to answer 38 questions
  • Requires 28 correct answers for a passing score
  • Offers 2 CERPs (Category A) upon passing the exam

We encourage you to refer to the ECMO Micro-Credential Exam Test Plan for a comprehensive content overview and the references used to develop the exam.

Exam Preparation Resources

To help you prepare for your ECMO Micro-Credential exam, AACN offers several useful resources.

ECMO Exam Test Plan

This comprehensive outline details content covered in the exam and references used for validation.

The ECMO Course

An online course for clinicians who want to develop their understanding of the fundamental principles of ECMO support.

ECMO Clinical Resources

This collection of AACN resources offers easy access to ECMO-related educational content.

Customer Support

Have questions or need help? Contact AACN Customer Care.

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