Your Journey to Beacon Starts Here

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The information on this page will serve as your guide to apply for the Beacon Award.

We recommend starting with the Beacon Award Program Overview to review important information about the program, application and evaluation processes.

The program is open to any facility in the United States. We welcome international units to participate in this program and kindly ask that you meet with a Beacon Team member before purchasing your application.

The Beacon Award is operated on an annual cycle:

  • Before Dec 31: units must complete the HWEAT
  • Feb 1 – Aug 31: purchase and submit
  • Sept 1 – Dec 31: applications reviewed and analyzed, applicants notified

If your unit is considering applying for the Beacon Award, the unit staff must complete the free Healthy Work Environment Assessment Tool (HWEAT) before Dec. 31. If the HWEAT is not completed the unit will not be able to apply during the application period (February-August) in the following calendar year (i.e. complete the assessment in 2023 for 2024 submission).

You will be able to purchase and access your application through the Beacon Award page beginning in February. Purchase will also provide you with applicant resources such as:

  • Digital handbook specific to each module
  • A framework for writing qualitative exemplars
  • Additional resources to support the successful completion of your application

To prepare for applying next year:

Start thinking about projects, improvements, achievements etc., your unit is making this calendar year that could be developed into the qualitative exemplars.