Volunteer FAQ

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Q: How does the volunteer process work once I complete my profile?

A: Your information will be stored in our Volunteer Database. Whenever there is a need for volunteers that matches your skill sets and interests, we will contact you.

An invitation to apply will be sent to you with detailed information about the group including:

  • The purpose of the group.
  • The type of work that will be required.
  • The timeframe in which the work must be completed.
  • Any special qualifications required, such as travel, specific technical capabilities and licensing/educational requirements.

If you are interested in being considered for a specific volunteer position, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire with information specifically needed for that particular opportunity.

All applicants will be notified when selections have been made.

Q: Can nurses at any level of education, experience and position be considered for volunteer opportunities?

A: We encourage critical care nurses of every type to apply for volunteer opportunities. It is a misconception that only nurses of a higher education level or in management positions are considered for volunteer positions.

AACN strives to provide opportunities to every type of nurse. It is only by hearing many different voices in the nursing community that we can help to improve our work environments and the quality of patient care.

Q: Why do you need my CV and how is it used?

A: Your CV/Resume will be stored in our files and each time you express an interest in volunteering with a specific group, it will be forwarded to the AACN Leadership responsible for selecting that group. Your CV and any additional information that is requested in the invitation will be the tools that AACN leadership will use to select volunteers.

Q: Should I receive a confirmation email when I respond to a volunteer invitation?

A: No. There is a confirmation message at the end of the questionnaire you’ll receive that will let you know your responses have been received and the timeframe in which you can expect to hear whether or not you were selected. If you are concerned that your response may have not been submitted, you are welcome to contact the volunteer department.

Q: Who makes the selections for a volunteer group?

A: A member of the AACN staff (Staff Liaison) oversees the work of each volunteer group. This liaison is responsible for the group selection.

In addition, some groups use additional leadership such as a chairperson, a member of the AACN Board of Directors or additional staff members. In these cases, all these persons are involved in the selection process.

Q: Will I be notified if I am not appointed to a group?

A: Yes. When you receive the confirmation email for your request to be considered for a specific opportunity, you will be notified of the basic time frame in which the selections should be made. If there is a change to that time frame that delays the selections process, you will be updated.

Once the group is finalized, an email is sent to everyone who applied for the opportunity. If the expected time frame has passed and you have not received notification, please contact the volunteer department.

Q: If I am not selected for a group, can I receive specific feedback as to why?

A: We would be happy to provide you with feedback. Simply contact the volunteer department, and we will work with the AACN leadership who made the group selections to provide you honest, constructive feedback.

Q: What if my interests or credentials change?

A: You can update your profile at any time. Be sure to do so anytime you have a change in your demographic information, particularly if your contact information changes.